Help us raise money for an Inflatable Football Helmet & Tunnel

Support the organization and donate a minimum of $15.00

LaPlata Blue Knights is conducting a fundraiser to raise money to purchase an inflatable football helmet & tunnel for the organization.  In order to purchase the inflatable football helmet & tunnel we need to raise $4000.00.  Our goal is to try and obtain these funds before the first game of the 2015 football & cheer season.  This task can be accomplished if every household donates a minimum of $15.00.  You can donate to this fundraiser by logging into our online registration portal at  and select “Register Now”.  Once you have logged in you can select “Make a Donation” or while you’re registering your child for football and/or cheer you will be prompted at the end of the registration process to make a donation to the inflatable helmet & tunnel.  An image of the inflatable helmet & tunnel has been displayed below.  All donations received will be set aside until we have reached our goal.  LaPlata Blue Knights thanks you for your support.   



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Complete Power Solutions (LaPlata)