The Blue Knight of the Year & Knighthood Award

Apply for the two highest honor in our organization

The Blue Knight of the Year & Knighthood Award

Each year, the La Plata Blue Knights presents two special awards to non-returning players. The first award, "The Blue Knight of the Year" is awarded to one football player and one cheerleader who best exemplify what it is to be a Blue Knight.  ALL non-returning players may download the form below and apply for this prestigious award. Participants must be non-returning players and must have met or exceeded the guidelines as set forth below.

Once all applications are received, the Board will review and vote on the most qualified candidate. The winners of the awards will be kept secret until the night of the Pep Rally. It is very important that our younger participants have an opportunity to see what hard work and dedication through the years can earn them in return. The winners will receive a trophy as well as a $50 savings bond! 

The second special achievement award is the KNIGHTHOOD AWARD. It is presented to any non-returning football player or cheerleader that has shown an outstanding spirit and level of commitment to the league and has participated with the Blue Knights for a minimum of five consecutive full seasons. The Board of Directors will carefully review ALL non-returning players through past registration documents and their league ID cards. 

Hurry! Your Deadline is: TDB.  

Completed applications must be received by the LPBK Board no later than close of business on TBD.  You may hand them directly to your coach, or a board member, or mail them to:

PO Box 956
La Plata, MD 20646

Click Here to download the application or you can find the application in the "Forms & Application " section under "About Us".

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