Concussion Awareness

It is the policy of the Division of Parks & Recreation to make sure that every precaution is taken when accessing the condition of our young athletes for all suspected injuries and especially concussions. The following list of guidelines has been mandated by the State of Maryland on the subject of concussions. Coaches, parents and players must abide by these guidelines for the safety and wellbeing of all athletes. The following has been mandated by the state.

  • Coaches, parents and athletes must have the opportunity and or resources to receive training.
  • Any player suspected of having received a concussion must be removed from play immediately and is required to have written authorization from a medical professional before the athlete can return to practice/game.

This website is an online training tool on the basics of concussions you must complete it and give certificate to your AD. The course is free.

You may also go to:

All coaches, parents and players should take advantage of the Sport Concussion Management Program as outlined on XLNTbrain Sport. This tool (


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