2014 Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference Champion (SMYAC)

Whos got it better than us? Nobody...

LaPlata Blue Knights 12U Sr. is 2014 Southern Maryland Youth Athletic Conference (SMYAC) champions & 2014 State of Maryland Champions.  The 12U Sr. team had an outstanding year by scoring 279 total points against their opponents and only allowing 55 points scored against them all season.  The final score of the conference championship game was 30-14 and the final score of the state championship game was 24-8.  Despite being the smallest team in the league, the boys showed tremendous courage throughout the year.  Coach Rob Bowman and his coaching staff would like to thank all the parents for showing their support all season long.  He would also like to thank the kids for playing with pride and honor and being a true Blue Knight.

Congratulation to Coach Rob Bowman and his staff and most of all the young men of LPBK 11-1 League and State CHAMPIONS!


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